Karate Trialcourse in English

Authentic karate experience in English / 英語でKARATE体験レッスン!を行ってます!
Karate in English

We also offer Online Lessons / オンラインレッスンも行います!(道場レッスンの同日同時刻の双方向中継にて実施します。)

Japanese. 日本語でのご案内



全日本空手選手権チャンピオン カラム・ブラック初段がメインで英語にて空手の指導を行います!!

オンライン生配信も実施します! 双方向中継で行います!

Karate in English
Why don’t you join us for a fun karate experience?

Karate is for everyone.
No matter your age, race, gender or the language you speak!

Karate can help you improve your daily lifestyle.
Karate gives you physical and mental strength and builds a strong spirit and character in you.

At our dojo you learn about values such as respect and discipline and you can become a good individual to society.
We teach practical Karate movements that are basic to start andeasy to understand.

This trial lesson will be in English, which gives you a great chance to learn various Karate movements in your own or second language.

Callum Black 1st Dan (Black Belt)* Trial Lesson English Instructor.

photo: Callum Black 1st DanCallum Black is All Japan Karate Champion
2017 & 2021 All Japan Karate Championship – Champion

Coming to Japan and training in Karate-do was a dream I had since a young age.
My first time to put on a Karate Gi (uniform) was when I was 6 years old. Ever since I have fallen in love with the martial art. I now live and learn karate in Japan, so my passion has become even stronger. I am very lucky to be taught by great sensei (teachers) because their knowledge and experience of karate is amazing.
My success in Japan has come from hard training, dedication and enjoyment. As an English instructor, I want to share my knowledge and experience and enjoy karate with you!

Fight& Life誌にCallum Black選手(鈴木道場)のインタビュー記事が掲載されました!


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karate in English. 2021.5.

Photo:Karate Trialcourse in English
Sunday, May 30, 2021


Photo:Karate Trialcourse in English
Sunday, June 3, 2018

karate in English. 2021.5.
karate in English. 2021.5.
karate in English. 2021.5.

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